Window to the Kinect, Kinect to Windows…

Today’s inspirational post from The Verge and Tom Warren shows off how Microsoft is thinking about some ever more wild ways to use the Kinect…

Microsoft uses Kinect to let you navigate Windows using air gestures


Microsoft is revealing its latest research project today, a way to use Kinect for gesture-based navigation with Windows. While the company has long supported Kinect for Windows, it hasn’t really provided a way for Windows users to navigate using Kinect. A new research project aims to solve that by mounting a Kinect camera above a desk that detects a number of gestures above and around a keyboard and mouse.

While it looks similar to the Leap Motion approach, it’s not designed to replace the keyboard and mouse says Microsoft principle researcher Abigail Sellen. "What we don’t want here is Tom Cruise in minority report," Sellen explains. "What gestures are good at are being very casual, expressive. What they’re not good at is being precise. Touch is good at that, mouse pointer is good at that. We don’t need to do that with gestures." Instead, Microsoft has built a way to let keyboard and mouse users take advantage of gestures to navigate. You can swipe to move backwards and forwards in a browser, flip your hand to tile Windows, and even make a search gesture to bring up the search Charm in Windows 8.

Project Information URL:

from Channel 9

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