4 Ways to Make a Mortise

4 Ways to Make a Mortise

A hole is just a hole, no matter how you dig it.
by Robert W. Lang
pages 44-48
The mortise-and-tenon joint is fundamental in woodworking. Along with the dovetail, this joint has been used for thousands of years. If you judge by the number of devices and methods developed to avoid making mortises, you might think it difficult and demanding. In truth, a mortise is just a square hole.
As with most holes, it doesn’t really matter how you dig it. The fundamental elements are the same whether you chop by hand or mill with a machine; confusion arises because it isn’t always obvious what is important to make a sound joint in a reasonable amount of time.
Article: The best mortises are useless without a properly fitted tenon; read about three different techniques that use a variety of tools.
Watch a mortise being chopped under glass in this video filmed at our first Woodworking in America Conference.
Blog: Read about sizing tenons to the mortise without measuring.
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