Building a Netduino powered, Wifi enabled Coffee maker

Today’s Hardware Friday is one I want to highlight for somewhat selfish reasons, mostly because I want something like this in my office. The kitchen is on the other side of the building from me and I can’t hear the ding when it’s done. So I’d love to be able to see the status of the coffee making remotely. And I have a co-worker who’s interested in getting started with Netduino. So if I can "support" him in that and get a wifi enabled coffee pot too!

Build a wifi coffee maker in few steps with the Netduino.

Materials :
  • Netduino plus 2 (60$) 
  • Simple coffee machine (25$)
  • 3 Male-Male jumper wires
  • 3 Female-Female  jumper wires
  • Or 3 Male-Female jumper wires
  • Ethernet cable
  • Pololu Basic SPDT Relay Carrier with 5VDC Relay (4$)
  • Usb cable
  • VS.Net 2010  (or the free VS.Net express)
  • (Optional) Wifi N Range Extender (DAP-1360) (60$)
Intro :

Here I am, creating a new blog on a premise to show how simple it was to build a wifi coffee machine. I had no intentions to post a "How-to" on that, but some dudes suggest me to share it and I found this was not a bad idea.
I want to clarify that practically anyone can do it easily in one weekend, even if you have little or no experience in coding or soldering. For my experience, before I started that "Weekend" I had no experience in soldering and 2 weeks of experimentations with the netduino. For the programming part, its my job so I have tons of it! But don’t panic if you don’t, I’ll post my programming code.

How-to :


  1. You have to find a simple coffee maker, ideally with just one push button or switch. Like this one or my old one on the right.


  1. When everything is hook up you can try these commands
  1. You should see your coffee start and close with a response in your browser saying that your coffee is brewing or in standby.

Enjoy a good cup of geek coffee 😉

[[Click through to read the post, see the source and get geek coffee inspired]

from Coding 4 Fun

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