My Little Card RSS flow

Here’s the feed for my Little Card Editor flow. I’m glad these little word-and-graphic creations now have a life outside of Twitter and Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, they belong as part of the Twitter/Facebook flow. But we’ll be able to do more experimentation and innovation on the open Internet. And in turn may help create features in those services. That’s my hope.

Right now, the card graphic is only represented as an enclosure element. I plan to have a landing page for each card, and the feed will likely link to those pages, in addition to linking to the Twitter and Facebook pages. But first I wanted to get the feed implemented before tweaking it up, and then of course releasing a new version of LCE that gives feeds to everyone using the product.

And after that, a version of "River4" that’s card-aware. 😉

from Scripting News

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