Easy Free Piston Stirling Engine

Easy Free Piston Stirling Engine

Stirling engines are really cool machines, invented by Reverend Dr. Robert Stirling in 1816 to rival the steam engine, they are one of the most efficient engines ever conceived.  Building one is a very rewarding experience, but it has a certain level of difficulty. However, [Attila Blade]’s version of a free-piston type Stirling engine is simple enough to be built in a matter of minutes.

To build the engine you only need a test tube, steel wool, a latex glove, an O ring and some wire. The construction is straightforward as you can see in the video. The whole engine rocks on the wire frame which also makes it different to most other Stirling engines that you can watch on the net. The free piston is just one type of several possible configurations for a Stirling. The most common one, is the beta type, usually made with soda cans, but it is much more difficult to build than [Attila Blade]’s engine.

This is definitely a fun project that you may want to try, and is also a great way to learn  thermodynamics concepts. Even if you don’t build this particular version, there are many other possibilities using mainly household items, or you can also check the very interesting history behind the Stirling engine.


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Vitals Starving Yourself Two Days a Week Is Actually Not a Bad Diet | io9 10 Banned, Censored, and C

Vitals Starving Yourself Two Days a Week Is Actually Not a Bad Diet | io9 10 Banned, Censored, and Controversial Movies That Are Now Cult Classics | Kotaku Persona 5: The Kotaku Review | Jalopnik ‘Battle Cars’ Is The Newest And Best Trend In The Auto World |

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Putting Pi In Infrared Doohickies

Putting Pi In Infrared Doohickies

The Raspberry Pi Zero W is a tiny, cheap Linux computer with WiFi. It’s perfect for Internet of Things things such as controlling ceiling fans, window blinds, LED strips, and judgmental toasters. This leads to an obvious question: how do you attach your ceiling fan and LED strips to a Pi Zero? A lot of these things already have infrared remotes, so why not build an infrared hat for the Pi? That’s what [Leon] did, and it’s Open Hardware with documentation.

[Leon]’s Anavi Infrared Pi Hat does exactly what you think it should do. There’s an IR receiver, two IR LEDs, and UART pins for debugging. That’s all you need to control infrared doohickies over the Internet, and [Leon] wrapped it up in a nice neat package that’s the same size as a Raspberry Pi Zero. Add on some documentation and you have something we rarely see: a project meant to be used by other people.

This focus on allowing people to actually use what [Leon] created can lead to only one cynical conclusion: he’s probably selling these things somewhere. The cynic is never surprised. [Leon] has a crowdfunding campaign going, that’s over 400% funded with a month to go. That’s okay, though: all the design files are available so if you want to build your own without supporting people who build useful devices, have at it.

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Neuroscientist explains the same concept about the brain to a 5-year-old and then a grad student


Bobby Kasthuri is a neuroscientist at Argonne National Laboratory. In the video he was asked to explain what a connectome is to 5 different people; a 5 year-old, a 13 year-old, a college student, a neuroscience grad student and a connectome entrepreneur.

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Antarctica Had a Terrifying, Pleasant Day [Corrected]

Photo: Getty

Here in New York City, it was a beautiful spring day with temperatures hitting 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Life was good, and it almost made you forget all the troubles the world faces at the moment. Then, you find out that it was basically the same frickin’ temperature in Antarctica this time last year and the planet is screwed.

On March 24th, 2015, an Argentine research base experienced temperatures of 63.5°F according to an announcement from the U.N. weather agency that was circulated by Reuters today. It was the highest temperature ever recorded for the Antarctic continent, defined by the World Meteorological Organization as “the main continental landmass and adjoining islands.”

Spring has arrived early for much of the United States this year, and that is problematic. Disease carriers like mosquitoes get a head start, crops can be effected by the sudden return of frost, allergy sufferers get hit hard, and scientist’s anxieties are jumping off the charts.

But none of those problems compare to the potential troubles that could come if climate change ends up causing Antarctica to melt. In the worst case scenario, sea levels would rise by 200 feet and pretty much all previous problems on Earth would seem trivial.

In slightly comforting news, a higher record temperature was set in 1982 for the whole Antarctic region, which is considered anywhere south of 60 degrees latitude. On January 30th that year, Signy Island in the South Atlantic experienced a very refreshing 67.6°F day. So, it’s not like this is unprecedented but all trends indicate that things will just keep heating up.

Correction 10:20PM: This article has been updated to clarify that the record was set last year. We regret the error.


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IoT based Temperature monitoring system

Hello everyoneToday I am going to design an IoT(Internet of Things) based room temperature monitoring system.Here I will use esp8266 to connect to the internet. Things Required 1) Arduino UNO (Any arduino board)2) ESP01 (esp8266 family)3) LM35 (Temperature sensor) Setting thingspeak account A…
By: Adil95

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Coded: new documentary series on hackers


Seth Godin sends us this trailer for Coded, a new documentary series on hackers: "There’s an invisible war being waged. And we’re all part of it. Foreign governments are hacking major corporations. Major corporations are collecting massive amounts of consumer data. And the NSA is listening…to everything. But a new generation of programmers armed with powerful technology is rising up and fighting back. Freethink presents a new original series: Coded."

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